About J-Tech

J-Tech expertise and experience in marine industry has been built over 12 years. For the past 5 years we have been using this experience in aluminium building. J-Tech is a technology-oriented company with a team of expert engineers, welders, electricians and upholsterers.

J-Tech, as seasoned custom aluminum boat builders, makes the most aluminum’s properties. With aluminum’s flexibility and weight, and our expertise, welded aluminum boats can be easily adjusted to the customer’s particular needs. We are prepared to design and build every custom vessel for our clients. J-Tech adjusts the design to match the type of waters the vessel is meant for, its required speed and its target load.

As experienced boat builders, J-Tech provides support throughout the entire design to realization phases. We provide our expertise and consultation regarding materials, electronics, seat design or most suitable engines. J-Tech manufactures finished, fitted to the customer’s needs aluminium boats, ready to go on water.

The company is located in Northern Poland, near Gdańsk (Tricity Area), so transport of platforms or hulls manufactured by J-Tech anywhere in Europe can be done quite efficiently.