Custom Weld Aluminum Flat bottom hulls

Aluminum Flat bottom hull is designed for slower speeds and calm waters. Because of the stability it provides, the flat bottom aluminium hull is a great choice for fishing boats meant for small rivers or lakes. Aluminum flat bottom hulls are also very light, so it usually makes them easy to transport, and also easy to maintain. Using aluminum alloys for building fishing boat hulls also allows the vessel to be much more durable than those made with other materials, and the costs of any repairs are relatively low.

The aluminum flat bottom hulls manufactured by J-Tech can be fully customized and adapted to the customer’s specific needs. J-Tech designs the hulls to fit customer’s specification.

The hulls are welded both inside and outside, using aluminum 5083.

Hulls are built according to PRS (Polish Ship Registry) requirements. Certification can be acquired if needed.

Flat-bottom hull sizes: 4m up to 10m
Flat-bottom hull beam: up to 3m
Aluminum alloys: marine graded aluminum 5083
Welds: welded inside and outside, TIG and MIG welding