Aluminum Custom Weld RIB Hulls

Aluminum RIB hull’s characteristics are exceptional sturdiness and high performance.  The main traits sought after in this type of craft are typically strong power engine capacity and stability, even in rough waters. Using perfectly fitted, best available hyphalon tubes – Orca tubes, J-Tech can design and build any type of welded aluminum RIB hulls.

Welded RIB hulls manufactured by J-Tech can be fully customized depending on their purpose. The design is based on the type of waters, speed, and target load of the vessel.

Aluminum hulls built by J-Tech are typically made from 5083 strong aluminum alloys, that are resistant to salt water and harsh marine conditions. Aluminum welding process we use guarantees the durability and resilience of the hull. The seams of the hull are welded continuous inside and out.

Shapes of the hull can vary depending on the sought performance needs.

Hulls are built according to PRS (Polish Ship Registry) requirements. Certification can be acquired if needed.

RIB hull sizes: 5m up to 12m
RIB hull beam: up to 3m (plus hyphalons)
Aluminum alloys: marine graded aluminum 5083
Welds: welded inside and outside, TIG and MIG welding