Aluminum Custom Weld Catamaran Hulls

Aluminium catamaran hulls’ main features are safety, stability, and spaciousness. Multi-hulls are a comfortable solution for any type of waters, for both commercial and leisure purposes. With the aluminum welding it is possible to customize the vessel without the requirement of using molds first. Using aluminum alloys for building allows the vessel to be much more durable than those made with other materials. The costs of maintenance and any repairs are also relatively low.

The aluminum catamaran hulls manufactured by J-Tech can be fully customized and adapted to customer’s needs. Typically, the aluminum alloy is marine graded aluminum alloy 5083.

Hulls are built according to PRS (Polish Ship Registry) requirements. Certification can be acquired if needed.

Catamaran hull sizes: 6m up to 15m
Catamaran hull beam: up to 5m
Aluminum alloys: marine graded aluminum 5083
Welds: welded inside and outside, TIG and MIG welding