Aluminum Custom Weld Fishing Boats

The design of aluminum fishing boat is based on the best optimal ratio between the boat’s performance and stability. Custom aluminum fishing boats can be made with V-shape hulls or flat bottom hulls, depending on the customer’s needs. Working with J-Tech, it is possible fully customize the boat’s interior – from open space on deck to consoles, from hard tops to lockers.

The aluminum flat bottom or V-shaped hulls manufactured by J-Tech can be fully customized–  size of the vessel, number of people onboard, or most cost efficient engine.

The light weight of the aluminum alloys used by J-Tech in the boat design and building phases make fishing boats easy to transport. The materials used in their manufacturing guarantee easy maintenance.

Our boats are built according to PRS (Polish Ship Registry) requirements. Certification can be acquired if needed.

Fishing boats sizes: 4m up to 8m
Fishing boat beam: up to 3m
Aluminum alloys: aluminum 5083
Welds: welded inside and outside, TIG and MIG welding