Aluminum V-Shaped Boats

The aluminum V-shaped boats provide smoother ride than other hull types. This type of boat is often used as a power boat – strong, durable, and fast. Typically, the V-shaped  hulls are designed to plane on top of the water at higher speeds, and provide smoother ride through waves.  Aluminium V-shaped boats can be designed and built by J-Tech according to the customer’s specific requirements. J-Tech adjusts the design to match the type of waters the vessel is meant for, its required speed and its target load. Vessels are welded from both outside and inside, which guarantees that the aluminum welds withstand various, even harsh, conditions. Customers can choose from a range of  v-shape hulls – from narrow to wide v-shapes. J-Tech’s custom aluminum welding process guarantees the sturdiness and resilience of the aluminum 5083 V-shape hulls.

Our boats are built according to PRS (Polish Ship Registry) requirements. Certification can be acquired if needed.

V-shaped hull sizes: 5m up to 12m
Max V-shape beam: up to 3m
Aluminum alloys: marine graded aluminum 5083
Welds:welded inside and outside, TIG and MIG welding