Aluminium workboats

Aluminum welded work boats’ main qualities are strength, durability, light weight and low draft. Our work boats can be used in both coastal areas and inland waterways.  J-Tech designs and builds heavy duty working boats that are scalable and customizable for a specific job. Custom aluminum welding process applied by J-Tech guarantees the durability and resilience of the workboat hulls. The seams of the hull are welded continuous inside and out using aluminum graded alloys. We use 5083 aluminum alloys that is especially resistant to salty water.

As experienced aluminum workboat builders we provide strong support through the entire design phase. Our team of experienced welders, electricians, and designers works together closely to realize customer’s project. For our aluminum work boats we use current, hi-tech solutions that are best fitted to each individual project. We provide our clients with most suitable, cost-efficient and customized products.

Work boat sizes: 5m up to 15m
Work boat beam: up to 3m
Aluminum alloys: aluminum 5083
Welds:welded inside and outside, TIG and MIG welding